On April 11th and 12th 2013 the 4th International Conference for European EnergyManagers took place at the CCI Nuremberg. More than 200 energy experts from 15 countries have met to exchange their experiences.

First of all the current developments regarding the European EnergyManager (EUREM) training in the individual countries were presented. The response from the participants has been very positive. The starting point for this international project is the Nuremberg CCI which developed and launched this training and expert network initiative for more energy efficiency in 1999.

In 12 thematic workshops numerous new developments and best practice solutions were presented and demonstrated. The “classic” efficiency issues have been energy-efficient buildings, cogeneration, electric drives or lighting. But new questions and topics have also been addressed in the workshops. Regarding the topic of energy management:  the optimal energy purchase for the company has become more and more complex as international standards influence the development of energy management systems. Green IT can be defined as another new trend: it is all about the efficient use of energy in server rooms, data centers and the individual PCs in the enterprise. Enormous potential for energy saving is also available when using compressed air. Compressed air is often found as an energy component and can not be replaced for many businesses. However, this form of energy is also expensive and is usually produced with low efficiency. These are just some examples included within a much broader program spectrum.

A highlight of the event was the presentation of the EUREM Awards. The international EUREM consortium wants to honor the outstanding performance, creativity and commitment of the EnergyManagers who have put in their own concrete measures to reduce energy consumption and emissions with exemplary effect. The award in the categories small, medium and large enterprises was given to outstanding EnergyManagers from Italy, Czech Republic and Slovenia. Renato Belafonte, Vidrala Italia srl, Italy (small business), received the award for optimizing the fan performance for cooling cast iron molds. With a flexible and targeted control of the cooling air a lot of power can be saved. In the automotive industry Martin Broz, Johnson Controls Batteries (medium enterprise), Czech Republic, with the saving of compressed air through a common control of several compressors which only produces the required amount of compressed air. For large companies, the award went to Aljaz Bratina of Posta Slovenije d. O. O. Maribor Slovenia who achieved energy savings in the company through an environmental and energy management.

However EUREM still offers considerably more. EUREM is an international network that includes more than 3,000 energy efficiency experts. The experience Exchange proceeds virtual via the online forum and personally through workshops and international conferences. Since the introduction in 1999 by the Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the interest and the number of Energy Manager increases continuously.