Numbers, data, facts:

The considerable CO2, energy and cost savings, which are determined by the European energy managers with their project work, show that EUREM is the right way to implement energy efficiency in industrial practice and thus to achieve economic and ecological benefits.

Continuous analysis of YOUR project work (Energy Concepts) showed world that every European Energy Manager with its developed in EUREM training project achieved the following average savings:

  • Energy savings per energy manager: 750 MWh / yr

  • Cost savings per energy manager: ≥ 30,000 EUR / a

  • CO2 reduction per energy manager: ≥ 200 t / a

The majority of operational projects pay off in two to three years. Good news is that on average more than 75 percent, that is, three out of four, of the material produced by a European energy managers during training energy efficiency projects are being implemented.
The determined by European energy managers in the EUREM courses for energy savings on the order of 2,250 million GWh / a. This corresponds to the energy consumption of 562,500 households, or approximately one third of the annual power output of a nuclear power plant.

EUREM therefore is a field-proven instrument to achieve the energy and climate policy objectives of the European Union to 2020th

Best practice examples:

Here is a selection of successful EUREM best practice examples which have been implemented in companies.