Free eLearning Modules – Enrichment of EUREM training

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Within the EU-project “EUREMnext”, the EUREM training are enriched with new modules in e-learing format. Thanks to the new technologies that make e-learning functionalities easily accessible, it will be possible to cover additional content without adding too much presence time to the current course format.

Under this link all eLearning modules in 12 different languages are availabe. The modules are also accessible to users not subscribed to a EUREM course. Interested parties only have to register themselves on the “Moodle” platform and will have freely access to them. Those, who are already registered on Moodle, can use their usual account to access the eLearning modules.

The eLearning Modules provide an overview on:

  • Energy Audit Standards EN 16247 & ISO 50002
  • Mobility Management in Businesses
  • Employee Motivation & Communication of Energy Issues
  • Industry 4.0 & Energy Efficiency
  • Financial project appraisal (combination of presence & eLearning)
  • Practical module based on calculation tool to support energy audits for production processes (combination of presence & eLearning)

Check them out and let us have your feedback!


Video testimonial

Heat pump replaces old cooling system: Check out our video in which our Serbian EnergyManager gives insight about EUREM and his project work.


Project news

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Project newsletter EUREMnext_News 2 (July 2019)
Project newsletter EUREMnext_News 1 (November 2018)


Successful implementation and extension of EUREM in six new countries

One of the overarching strategic objective of the EUREMnext project is to transfer EUREM to six new countries (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Estonia, Latvia, Serbia and Turkey) and to allow more persons to become qualified/accredited experts or upgrade their knowledge and skills.

Since December 2019, all six new EUREM providers have started their pilot courses with 72 participants in total. Four out of the six countries have already successfully finished their pilot courses. Next step will be to achieve national accrediation/recognition in order to enable a continuation of the training offer after the project duration.

Check out the flyers of the six new EUREM providers for their pilot courses in national language.
Flyer Albania
Flyer Bosnia and Herzegowina
Flyer Estonia
Flyer Latvia
Flyer Serbia
Flyer Turkey


EUREM Conferences

One of the success factors of EUREM is the exchange of experience among the participants. The international EUREM conferences offer an excellent opportunity to maintain contacts after the end of the training courses, and to keep up-to-date on important energy topics.

9th International European EnergyManager Conference in Prague (6th & 7th November 2018)

On 6th and 7th of November 2018, 200 EnergyManagers met at the 9th International Conference for European EnergyManagers in Prague, Czech Republic. Thanks to the funding of the EU, the EUREMnext Consortium was able to include several highlights (e. g. EUREM Award) and offers translations to more languages than usual.
You can find the detailed conference and workshop programmes as well as additional information:

Download conference proceedings

Photo gallery

Outlook: 10th International European EnergyManager Conference in Athens (30th September & 1st October 2020)

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