Members of the EUREMnext Consortium


Austrian Institute of Excellence Ltd (AIEx)


Austrian Institute of Excellence Ltd, established in year 2000, has the main location in Tirana 1017, Albania and also a regional office in Pristina 1000, Kosovo. The main focus of the company is the provision of trainings and qualifications for businesses and professionals in accordance with the European Standards. We offer internationally recognized technical trainings and certification in for example welding and electrical sector, management and soft skills trainings, as well as language qualifications. Moreover, the certification process complies with the requirements of the international Standard ISO/IEC 17024:2012, for bodies operating certification of persons.

AIEx are training partners of WIFI International, partner of ANB (Authorized National Body Austria), partner of DYNACT/PMI (Project Management Institute), partner of OESD (Austrian Language Diploma) and collaborate closely with the Ministry of Energy and Industry as well as with the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth. Their interest, which represents also the interest of the ministries in Albania, is to contribute to the adoption and implementation of European training programs in the electrical sector in Albania.

A few years ago, AIEx also implemented the ecological project “ECOPROFIT” in a joint venture with Cleaner Production Center Austria, funded by the Austrian Development Agency, about energy saving measures in the gastronomy and hotel sector. Five of their trainers have been part of the “Train the Trainer” program, thus gaining the necessary expertise in improving energy efficiency and the implementation of environmental measures in hotels and gastronomy sector in Albania.

Furthermore, they also planned the implementation of courses in collaboration with WIFI Austria, such as:

  • Energy consultant- training in energy and environmental issues
  • Eco-energy technicians (Green Jobs) - focusing on the importance of renewable energies
  • Certification of energy efficiency contractor etc.

Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO)




The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
(WKO - Wirtschaftskammer Österreich) coordinates and represents the interests of the Austrian business community on a national and international level. Within the system of the Austrian Economic Chambers, it functions as the national umbrella organization for the 9 regional Chambers and 110 trade associations for different industries. Regional Chambers and associations have local offices to provide services in close proximity to members.

Membership is compulsory and includes all Austrian companies in operation. The resultant membership, some 440,000 businesses – the great majority of them SMEs – draws from a diverse selection of business areas such as trade and craft, commerce, industry, transportation, tourism, services industries, finance and insurance. Although established by public law, the Chambers are exclusively business driven. This factor, combined with organisational management through democratic self-government, makes them fully independent from public authorities.

Main tasks and activities:

  • Representation of membership interests
  • Information and advisory service to members
  • Collective bargaining with unions
  • Economic promotion and development as well as training (a wide range of trainings for entrepreneurs and employees is offered via the training institute “Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitut” (Institute for the development of business).


Arbeitsgemeinschaft - Erneuerbare Energie - Institut für nachhaltige Technologien (AEE INTEC)


AEE – Institute for Sustainable Technologies (AEE INTEC) was founded in 1988 as an independent research association and is now one of the leading institutes for applied research in
the fields of thermal energy, low-energy and zero energy buildings as well as in energy and resource efficiency in industry. The institute has worked within the scope of national,  European and international R&D projects and was partner/coordinator of more than 60 European research and demonstration projects (state May 2017).

The department “Industrial Processes and Energy Systems” at AEE INTEC led several national and international projects related to the above mentioned efficient use of resources. Besides others the IEE project GREENFOODS has to be mentioned in which a methodology and branch concept for the European food and beverage industry was developed mainly focussing on SMEs based on audits performed, a developed training programme (based on the requested methodology of EUREM) as well as the development of a tailor-made funding and financing scheme. The  project led to 11 economical feasible implementations financed outside of the project. The methodological basis was developed within the IEE projects EINSTEIN I&II and out of this  the European standard EN 16247 was developed. AEE INTEC is performing GREENFOODS trainings beyond the project in Austria (by now 4 trainings), Chile (Train-the-Trainer  course), Malaysia and Egypt.

The link to the implementations is now realised within the H2020 project TrustEE, an innovative financing approach for energy efficiency and renewable energy in the industry. AEE INTEC has a huge experience in the field of the evaluation and optimization of industrial processes and systems. Besides the energy relevant aspects this  includes material efficiency as well as waste material and waste water streams.

The main tasks of AEE INTEC will be the development of a new in-depth exercise module in WP 2  ocussing on the food and beverage industry (mainly SMEs and based on the GREENFOODS branch concept and calculation tool) to support energy audits for production processes. The available training and tool are based on the standards of EUREM trainings (curriculum, material, evaluation) including the translation to French, Polish, Spanish, German and English and will further be integrated in the overall EUREM strategy. Besides this, the GREENFOODS branch concept will include the further development of the economic evaluation module linked to the project targets. Furthermore AEE INTEC will bring in its longterm expertise from the development / performance of trainings and will therefore perform a train-the-trainer session at the planned EUREM conference (WP 2) and will be responsible for carrying out specific trainings in WP 4.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

DEint BiH


DEinternational poslovne usluge d.o.o. (DEint BiH) is the service company of the Delegation of German Business in Bosnia and Herzegovina (DEint BiH) which is the official representative of German economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and the main player in bilateral economic relations. DEint BiH and its service company are part of the global network of German Chambers of Commerce Abroad with the DIHK (Deutscher Industrie- und Handelskammertag) in Berlin being coordinator. Furthermore, DEint BiH is a service provider for companies (trainings, market information, address and business partner search), is organizing seminars and workshops, conferences and events and executing projects for DEint BiH. DEint BiH has gathered experience in the field of energy and thus knowledge of the structures of the energy market in the region over the last years through various activities:

  • Implementation of projects within the framework of “export initiative energy” (by the German Ministry
    for Economic Affairs and Energy)Implementation of projects within the framework of “Bayern-fit for Partnership” (by the Bavarian
    Ministry for Economy)
  • Participation in different events and conferences with energy focus (energy summits, workshops, etc.) in
    Germany and Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Advising German companies entering the regional market in the field of energy together with local
  • Creating multiple market studies, e.g. for biomass, wood, energy efficiency, etc.
Czech Republic

German-Czech Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GCCIC)


The local office of the AHK in the Czech Republic is part of the worldwide network of German Chambers of Commerce. It is a bilateral chamber, which aims at promoting the economic exchange between Germany and the Czech Republic. Officially, it carries the name German-Czech Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GCCIC). Due to their strong ties in economy and society, plus our wide range of services, we are able to contribute to the added-value of our clients and members in both countries. In 1993 the Czech office of the AHK was founded, which officially replaced the preceding Delegation of the German Economy. Comprising 660 voluntary members, it is the Czech Republic’s largest bilateral chamber of commerce. Amongst their members are the most important German investors and numerous well-known Czech enterprises.

Their mark DEinternational offers advice to German enterprises, which intend to enter the Czech market, and supports Czech companies, seeking to gain a foothold in Germany. With the help of their 100% subsidiary AHK Services s.r.o., GCCIC offers a wide range of services covering all questions of market development and investment activities in the Czech Republic. The services offered range from general information on market entry and the setting-up of businesses to providing access to interesting business contacts. Furthermore, GCCIC supports their members in negotiations with future business partners and in recruiting personnel. GCCIC takes care of payroll and financial accounting as well as the reimbursement of Czech VAT. In addition, they offer credit information, and a debt collection as well as a mediation service. In the sectors automotive and mechanical engineering, energy and environment, future technologies and in the food industry, they provide sector-specific consultancy. Their broad range of services is rounded off by an active support of exhibitors and visitors on Czech and German trade fairs as well as seminars on vocational training.


Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI)


The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) was founded in 1925. ECCI is the oldest and representative organization of entrepreneurs in Estonia. It was founded to represent and protect common interests of Estonian merchants, manufacturers, bankers and ship-owners. Today, the ECCI with almost 3,200 members is the largest business representation organization in the country. The mission of the ECCI is to develop entrepreneurship in Estonia through taking actively part in designing economic policy and via rendering business services. The services offered by the Chamber include consultations, issue of foreign trade documents, searching for cooperation partners, trainings, contact events and other activities necessary for business activities of entrepreneurs. In providing services the Chamber is supported by competent personnel and diverse databases that contain information regarding companies, laws and regulations etc. The Chamber of Commerce pays a lot of attention to communication between the members and facilitating business activities. We advise entrepreneurs in the following areas: Legal consultations; Consultations regarding the European Union; Foreign trade and customs consultations. The Court of Arbitration of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a permanent arbitration court settles disputes arising from private law relationships, including foreign trade and other international business relations. The service of European Union (EU) procurement monitoring helps Estonian companies in managing among more than 2,500 procurement offers published weekly.

As the representative organisation, the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is assembling more than 3200 enterprises in Estonia. We have full database of our Members, their sectoral fields and have direct contacts to key-persons. We can easily find a sector based target group.


Ammattienedistämislaitossäätiö (AEL)


AEL is Finland's largest technical further training institute with approximately 20 000 course and seminar participants annually. Established in 1922, AEL focuses in training industry top professionals at all organisational levels. AEL is a private organisation owned by a foundation involving the major labour market players, education authorities, central organisations for trade and industry, and public administration. AEL serves all major industry sectors including the energy sector. AEL´s own experts are complemented by a cooperation network of 3000 experts nationally and internationally. AEL´s product and service repertoire includes public seminars and tailor-made development programs. AEL is a national leader as a developer and provider of compentence-based qualification certificates. Increasingly, AEL assesses the effects of training on such quantitative measures as productivity.

AEL is a learning process expert applying a systematic approach to learning

  • Advanced knowledge-level testing methods & interactive e-learning tools
  • Training effectiveness measures
  • On-the-job learning effectiveness measures
  • Training needs analysis and program development
  • Project management
  • Training delivery

The Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI)


Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) represents approximately 140.000 enterprises in the Nuremberg region and offers information, consulting, training and advisory services to them. It has been very active in thematic area of energy for years. Through the setting up of diverse user clubs and working groups for the individual thematic areas, a highly competent knowledge and enterprise-based energy network has been built up in the Nuremberg region. The NCCI offers

  • Single and group consulting services for the members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in energy-related matters
  • Guidelines, handbooks, publications, manuals for energy users
  • Databases including providers and users of energy efficiency technique and services.

Experience exists with the handling of EU projects (e.g. LIFE, ADAPT, INTERPRISE, SAVE, CENTRAL EUROPE).
Rapid and state-wide dissemination of the project outcomes through the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) is guranteed as Nuremberg CCI is a member of the umbrella organisation DIHK and closely networked with it.

The NCCI has a huge database of its 140.000 member companies. Through various channels (newsletter, chamber magazine, social media, e-mail, etc.) these companies addressed regularly. In the department Innovation and Environment exists very deep and long term connections to the responsible persons for energy efficiency in the companies, which is also the target group of the EUREMnext project.


German-Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DGIHK)


The German-Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GHCIC) represents more than 800 companies and organizations in Greece and Germany. GHCIC provides a broad spectrum of services to its members and entrepreneurs: market studies, consultancy in finance, law and tax issues, training & education, event organizing, arbitration & mediation, German trade fairs, recruiting and others. Main focus is given in certain sectors, projected by the characteristics/ needs of Greece, such as Energy, Training & VET, Tourism, Agrofood, IT applications.

Experience in project implementation arises from management of EU, DE, GR and on demand projects (Programs such as: EU Intelligent Energy Executive Agency, ASIA Invest, Black Sea CBC Program, GR-FYROM IPA CBC Program, PHARE, GR - General Secretariat of Research and Technology, DE - German Federal Projects).

GHCIC has an orientation of continuous improvement and evolution, seeking always to introduce innovative business conduct in Greece. Α best case in this approach is the
implementation of work groups of members and related key players. The energy work group presents the most intensive activity.

Networking and dissemination of the project outcomes in an international level is successful through the connection of GHCICwith the Association of German Chambers of Commerce
and Industry (GHCIC) as a member of the umbrella organization DIHK. In a national level, GHCIChas cultivate solid relations with national Chambers, Associations and the Greek Ministries, facilitating networking and dissemination actions.


Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI)


Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) is a voluntary, non-governmental organization, which unites different types of enterprises - micro, SME’s as well large-sized
companies from all regions and economic sectors of Latvia. LCCI represents the interests of more than 2000 enterprises in governmental institutions on both state and regional level, as well offers wide list of services, as a result ensuring that there are excellent companies in the excellent and successful business environment in Latvia. Overall LCCI works in the following areas:

  1. Business environment
  2. Lobbying
  3. Competitiveness
  4. Export and
  5. Arbitration.

LCCI has been already the voice and representative of Latvian enterprises more than 80 years. The strongest part of LCCI is based on its fully-fledged Membership in the international
network of commerce and industry chambers – the Association of the European Chambers of Commerce and Industry (EUROCHAMBRES) and International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). LCCI is a Member of The Hanse-Parlament association as well.

LCCI provides a high level of servicing on a daily basis through different channels, starting from contacting with its Members through e-mail newsletters. All together organization’s experts collect information from its Members which is used in policy and export development as well in business environment themes. Successful results of fulfilled tasks and reached goals are based on the professionalism of LCCI staff. Experts from LCCI on the daily basis provides actual information regarding specific areas based on the long-term cooperation with Ministries of the Republic of Latvia, as well with Latvian associations, EU institutions and other business support organization.

LCCI has a long-term experience in implementing different projects. This experience is based on the wide range of EU projects on both national and EU level. Previous experience has been developed through cross-border programs, Erasmus+, Lifelong learning program, EC calls and others. The themes of the projects implemented by LCCI are connected with different fields such as export development, know-how share between EU countries, trainings for entrepreneurs, trainers and other target groups, VET system improvement, policy development, green economy, energy efficiency, clusters policy and others. In order to achieve the goals of EU projects, usually different departments of LCCI are involved in the process of project realization. LCCI has proved itself not only as a strong partner for foreign organizations but as a successful leader as well. There is a constant communication channel between LCCI and EUROCHAMBRES. LCCI represents Europe Direct Information Centre in 4 largest cities for more than 8 years.


Chamber of Commerce and Industry Serbia (CCIS)


Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (CCIS) is an independent, non-governmental business/expert interest association of legal entities and individuals who are engaged in
registered economic activity. It was established in 1857 as a “Trade Board”. It gradually evolved and in 1910 it became a Chamber of Industry, Commerce and Workers. Over the years
the Chamber continued to develop and grow, altering its organizational forms. The most recent reorganization happened in 2017 based on the new Law on Chamber of Commerce and

Members of CCIS are:

  • Enterprises (130,000 companies and over 300,000 entrepreneurs) involved in different
    activities belonging to all economic branches, in all forms of proprietorship;

CCIS activities are:

  • Business interest association;
  • Place of meetings and negotiations;
  • Business professional institution;
  • Market, companies, production, export-import and other business information about Serbian economy;
  • Foreign markets, groups, regions; possibilities for market access; business environment,
  • Issues concerning legislature in the field of economy;
  • Elaboration of ideas related to investment possibilities, selection of programmes and preparation of pre-investment analysis;
  • Preparations for restructuring property, organization, management
  • Introduction of quality system management;
  • Patent protection rights and technical upgrades aimed at production and market access;
  • Development harmonization;
  • Nurturing good business customs;
  • Public powers-issuing certificates, attestations, permissions and licenses necessary for international trade, company state of solvency, registry keeping etc.;
  • Informing the public-informing the public and business community concerning the activities of the Chamber and its bodies, internal information for chamber system, cooperation with the media, publication of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce newsletter “Weekly information”.

CCIS is a member of a number of international chamber associations (The International Chamber of Commerce, EUROCHAMBRES – Association of European Chambers, Association of Balkans Chambers).

As the independent and business-professional interest organization of enterprises and entrepreneurs, the Chamber provides and organizes professional assistance to its members to improve and enhance their business; it considers issues relating to the economic environment, promotes and establishes economic cooperation with foreign countries and provides its
members with information relevant for finding potential partners and their interconnection. CCIS participates in this project to help raising the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises in the EU accession process and to build their capacity in establishing cooperation with institutes and universities both in the country and abroad.


Escan s.l. (ESCAN)


Escan, s.l. is a Spanish consulting company aimed to the performance of studies and projects in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energies. The company has developed its
activities since 1986 at a national and international level. It is independent of industrial groups and equipment suppliers.

Experience in energy audits, energy efficiency tools, training and capacity building between professionals and auditors, energy efficiency measures, tools for financing mechanisms for industries, including several sub-industrial sectors. Escan is the national partner that organizes and implements the EUREM training Programme in Spain. Experience in studies and projects about agro industrial biomass wastes for heat production. Escan s.l. cooperates with institutions and companies from different countries through its participation in joint projects. Good cooperation with European and Spanish Technologic Universities. This network allows the company to offer a grater added value in our services. The company has participated in projects co-financed by the EC in the framework of the R&D programs as Joule, Thermie and in other European programs as IEE, Synergy, Altener and Save. It was coordinator of the Domoheat project 2007-2011 in the 6FP. Currently participation in projects of Horizon 2020 programme.

Benefits for this project:

  • Experience in IEE funded projects and in training programmes
  • In efficient energy services area
  • Carrying out Energy Audits in the industrial and building sectors for more than 15 years
  • Cooperation with industrial associations (e.g. FEIQUE, FIAB, etc.)

Deinternational Servis Hizmetleri A.S (DEAS)

DEinternational Servis Hizmetleri A.S (DEAS) is the service company of the German-Turkish Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Turkey) which was established in 1994 and since then is the official economic representative of Germany in Turkey. DEAS offers a variety of services and events for all stakeholders interested in the Turkish ore German market. Based in Istanbul and Izmir, Turkey and through its close collaboration with the AHK Turkey, DEAS has a wide ranging recognition in the public and private sector and a broad network of international and in particular German and Turkish partners. The services range from tailormade company consultancy regarding the market entry into Germany or Turkey, over the organization of sectoral business trade missions to training events and advanced education seminars.

In order to support the cooperation between Germany and Turkey in the energy sector, in 2013 the German-Turkish Energy Dialogue was formally established, where DEAS is the coordinator body for Germany. In direct exchange with Turkish and German public and private representatives DEAS contributes to the Know-How Transfer within the four working Groups (renewable energy, energy efficiency, conventional power-plants, grid) of the Energy Dialogue as interface to Germany and its wide ranging experience and expert-pool. Moreover DEAS has till now conducted over 20 energy market delegation trips to Germany and Turkey and has an own energy working group consisting of all known German energy companies with investments in Turkey.

Through broad experience in professional  consultancy and guidance services as well as deep knowledge of the regional and specific market structures, DEAS is a suitable partner for the EUREMnext initiative.