This is where we answer some frequently asked questions about the energy manager training (CCI). Is your question not listed? Then simply contact us directly. Find the closest Consultants at training locations.

What are the benefits of the course for the participants?

- extensive expertise in all energy-related technology and management issues

- access to many useful calculation tools

- sustainable awareness of energy saving measures

- network of energy experts (also online)

- meeting with (external) specialists

- internationally recognized  certificate "European Energy Manager" in English

- project experience: develop technical energy saving projects, technical and economical calculation

In which way does my company benefit?

The company benefits in the following areas:

1. The course participation ultimately results in comprehensive energy expertise within the company , on the one hand for optimization, on the other hand for the coordination of new requirements such as emissions trading or other issues that may become relevant for companies.

2. The developed project work leads to immediate savings within the company . With appropriate implementation (implementation probability 86%) the result is a direct return on investment. The average savings per project amounted to 486 MWh / a and € 32,700 (values of the CCI Nuremberg, pilot-course European Energy Manager 2006)

3. More positve effects for your enterprise:

- cost transparency

- preparation for further changes in the energy market

What does the test to become an EnergyManager (CCI) include?

The test contains the following parts:

1. written final test about the seminar modules (120 minutes about basic knowledge and calculation tasks to five different topics)
2. creating and presentating the project work

Each of the two parts must be passed in order to obtain the CCI certificate. For each part at least 50 percent of the maximum attainable points are required. A repetition of the test is possible after consultation with the respective training providers.

What if I miss out on a course day?

It can happen that every now and then seminar modules can not be perceived because of other important dates. As long as such absence times keep within limits, this will not be a problem. The missed course material can be reworked in the internal online Forum.

Which training material is used within the course?

In various EU projects a unified standard training material has been established. This material represents an uniform qualification concept and a standardized content thread and consists of preparation material, sheet set, checklist, example and calculation tool for each topic. The entire material is available on the internal online forum.

What does the project work contain?

The project work is an integral part of the training and involves a detailed issue for energy Efficiency within the company. The Project work should contain about 15-20 A4 pages. At the end of the training, the project work is presented in front of a non-existent management (duration 10 minutes).

What am I supposed to do if I can't find a topic for the project work?

The respective course management will then assist you searching for a suitable project topic. Often it is possible to edit another topic along with a course colleague.

Is there certain support while creating the project work?

You will be supported in all phases of the project work:

- in terms of finding a matching topic and regarding the realizable circumference.

- in terms of occurring questions which will be answered by the tutors (usually the respective specialist within the course modules)

How do I get access to the learning platform

At the start of the course the respective training provider sends an information to the participants, which describes the registration procedure. Access to the online learning platform is not possible without participating in the course.

What's the fee for the learning platform and how long do I have access?

The fee is € 250.00 and is included in the course charge. The learning platform can be used three years from the start of the course. After the course ends, you can still access the site about 2.5 years for free.

How is the EUREM quality assured?

To ensure the quality of all EUREM training worldwide, the "EUREM Quality Assurance" is conducted every year since 2010. All EUREM providers will be consulted on the main elements of the EnergyManager training, documentation is requested and the results are summarized. Moreover the EUREM training providers  are proposed measures to improve. The Quality Assurance ensures that EUREM remains the sophisticated, standardized international training and networking program.